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Playing with paper birds has never been so fun



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Paper Wings is a 2D arcade game where you control a paper bird that has to collect all the coins falling down the screen. And do be careful, because if one of the coins falls into the water, you lose.

The controls in Paper Wings are simple but precise: tap the sides of the screen to make your bird swoop in that direction. The steeper the swoop, the faster it'll go. With this in mind you have to swoop around the screen at top speed, trying to collect all the coins ... while dodging the dangers that also drop from the sky now and then.

With the coins you get during the games you can also unlock new birds. You start with just a white paper bird, but eventually you can get a dove, an eagle, a crow, a toucan, and more.

Paper Wings has a fun and addictive gameplay as well as very pretty graphics. And thanks to the numerous missions you can complete during the levels you'll always have some challenge or another to make things more interesting.
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Requires Android 3.0 or higher.

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